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Watch Dino Time Online - There's nothing Ernie prefers more than an excellent encounter. Whether he's visiting around town on his rocket-powered skateboarding panel or getting an starting look at the amazing new non-renewable show at the Ancient Collection, Ernie never allows the limited idea of his mom, Sue (Jane Lynch) or his tag-along sis, Julia, keep him from combining up some fun. While watching his best friend Max's house, daredevil Ernie stumbles upon Max's dad's latest invention: a sleek, egg-shaped time system. 

When Julia shock in on the boys' growth, plenty of your energy and energy system whirs to lifestyle and finishes its gateways on the three arguing children. It whisks them away to a luxurious woodlands the same by humankind, where a living, breathing T-Rex known as Tyra (Melanie Griffith) mistakes them for her newly-hatched children, becoming a participant of her near family members with over active prehistoric son Dodger (Rob Schneider). - Watch Dino Time Online

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