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A Chinese adaptation of the French novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses starts with growing older socialite Mo Jieyu (Cecilia Cheung) who finds herself circling ex-boyfriend Xie Yifan (Jang Dong-kun). Mo, the wealthy and charming widow with a style for pleasures, nevertheless has eyes for well-known womanizer Xie, who secretly burns with enjoy for her. And nevertheless, in his magnificent lifestyle, Xie's new interest lies in chaste humanitarian Du Fenyu (Ziyi Zhang), who has captured his consideration and attained his need for conquest. Mo lures Xie into a treacherous, dangerous sport of hearts: win, bed, and leave Du, proving his mettle as a rogue and impossible catch. But can Xie get the honor of this kind of a lady, with out shedding his very own heart, as nicely?

Dangerous Liaisons (2012) - Shanghai, the 1930s. At a charity ball for refugees from the Japanese-occupied Northeast, the glamorous entrepreneur and libertine MO JIEYU (Cecilia Cheung) strikes a deal with her ex-lover, the devastatingly handsome playboy XIE YIFAN (Jang Don-gun). Mo’s most recent lover, a tycoon, has dropped her for a younger virginal schoolgirl. If Xie requires the girl’s virginity, he'll make a laughingstock out of of the tycoon as Miss Mo will give herself to Xie. But Xie has his eyes on a diverse prize: the virtuous widow DU FENYU (Ziyi Zhang). As the stakes are raised greater and higher, the game turns into progressively dangerous for everybody included, notably when Xie, in spite of himself, falls in really like with Du.

Watch Dangerous Liaisons (2012) Movie Online - This epic tale unfolds from the remarkable backdrop of the Japanese invasion of China. The war looming over the glamorous, tumultuous Paris of the East' heightens the drama in this powerful and mesmerizing adaptation of the French novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses by Choderlos de Jaclos, on which Unsafe Liaisons (1988), which starred Glenn Close and John Malkovich, was also based.

The movie screened in the Directors' Fortnight section at the 2012 Cannes Movie Festival on 24th Could, 2012 and now it is scheduled to be unveiled in South Korea and China on 27th September 2012 and in Singapore on 4th Oct, 2012.

Genre : Drama, Mystery, Romance

Movie Released :
  -   27 September 2012 (China & South Korea)

  -   4 October 2012 (Singapore)

Director :  Hur Jin-ho

Writer : Yan Geling

Star Cast :   Zhang Ziyi, Jang Dong-Gun, Cecilia Cheung, Shawn Dou, Lisa Lu

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